Your Options

Contingency, exclusive or retained recruitment?

2C are in the position to offer any of the 3 recruitment strategies depending on which best suits your needs. All of which can be covered by our industry leading 12 month candidate rebate period:


Contingent Recruitment

Contingent recruitment means that the recruiter is competing on the role with other agencies. The recruiter will only get paid should they successfully fill the role. 

This can be a time-consuming way of working for the client as they have to spend time with each agency making sure the agency is working to their brief and protecting the client's brand. 

This is also normally the most expensive way to work

Exclusive Roles

This is when we work on the role exclusively for you, but still only get paid for success. There are huge benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment. These roles deliver a more attractive ratio of Return On Investment for both client and 2C recruitment. Depending on the role, we are able to deliver a more cost-effective solution whilst the client reduces the amount of time that would be spent with other agencies.

At 2C recruitment, we produce a client report (usually weekly) detailing exactly how live vacancies are progressing. It also shows the stage of discussions with those candidates so a client can see at a glance the work underway on their behalf. A transparent and highly accountable partnership is thus created.

Why not e-mail us on requesting a sample report? 

Retained Recruitment

This model is most suitable for roles with a very limited talent pool, executive level or a volume recruitment project which is time critical.

This is different to the other ways mentioned above as you pay us for a service rather than a fee for success.Typically, the client will pay a percentage of the expected fee up front then another payment when the shortlist is produced; and then the final balance on success. The benefit to you the client is that we are able to commit more of our resources to these roles. 2C get paid for the work they put in, not the end result they achieve. 

Remember that Exclusive and Retained models cost no more than Contingent recruitment! Call us to discuss which model would work best for your current requirements and budget.