The Start

Before contacting candidates 2C recruitment will do their best to qualify all the relevant details regarding the vacancy. This will include location, work hours, salary & benefits. At 2C we don't like working on vague possibilities and will never knowingly waste your time.

Our initial contact will generally be through phone, email or social media.

At the initial stage, we will establish your current situation and whether you are open to discussing a possible career move in confidence. If we catch you at a bad time, we will arrange to call back at a time which suits you.

The Middle

Once we have established your availability, we will then discuss the skill set the role requires. Assuming you are suitable for the job and the job is suitable for you, the next stage is CV and compliance documents. We are happy to help with your CV if required and will advise on how best to get a copy of your identification and proof of address to us. We will never ask you to send original documents.

We will then submit your CV and a summary of why we think you are right for the job. At 2C we don't throw hundreds of CV's at a role hoping one sticks, that's not our style. If your CV is in front of our client then you have an excellent chance of moving onto the next stage.

The Finishing Line In Sight

That next stage is the interview, we will arrange this for a time that is mutually acceptable for both parties.

Before your interview, we will talk at length to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

Following the interview we will call you for feedback, did you enjoy the interview? how do you think it went? would you accept if offered?

After we have discussed your interview with our client we will call to hopefully make you a formal offer. If you are not successful, we will provide as much constructive feedback as possible.

If you get the job we will liaise with you and the client regarding contract offer and start date.

We will then keep in touch with you during your notice period and give you a quick call on your first day.

Following your start, we like to keep in touch just to make sure its all going well.