Our Charter of Excellence for Job Seekers

A pledge by 2C recruitment Members of;

TEAM: The Employment Agents Movement (www.jobsatteam.com )

These principles are considered to be the minimum standards that any job seeker can expect when engaging with 2C recruitment. In most instances, we will more than likely surpass these principles.

  1. Free of charge services.

Save where permitted to do so by legislation, We will not seek to charge or charge any fee or costs to any job seeker in relation to their work finding services.

  1. Quality of Service

We will endeavour to work diligently and professionally in assessing the job seekers skills and abilities to provide an appropriate work opportunity.

  1. Legislation

We shall at all times comply with all relevant legislation covering employment and recruitment businesses.

  1. Workers’ Rights

We shall deal with job seekers equitably and objectively and shall not seek to deny them any rights that legislation provides.

  1. Terms of Engagement

We are expected to provide clear and transparent information to job seekers on the working conditions, nature of the work, rates and intervals of pay and working hours.

  1. Diversity

We shall ensure that job seeker do not suffer any unlawful discrimination.

  1. Information

We will endeavour to provide job seekers with as much relevant information as possible and keep the job seeker informed with any client feedback as appropriate, subject always to any obligations of confidentiality.

  1. Ethical and Professional Conduct

We shall observe the highest standards of ethics, fair practice, integrity and professional conduct.

  1. Confidentiality

We shall ensure that permission has been sought in disclosing job seekers personal information to any third party.

  1. Health and Safety

We shall take appropriate steps to assess any occupational risks in the workplace and ensure the job seeker is so advised.